Shared Business Web Hosting

If you are planning to put your business online, you need to have a good and reliable web host. Perhaps you should consider using a shared business web hosting provider.

A shared hosting service, also called a virtual hosting service, is one that serves multiple websites. Each website has its own separate space on the server. For businesses, shared hosting is the most practical form of web hosting, since all the websites on the sever share in the maintenance cost.

Shared hosting services usually have a system administration, which is good if you want to concentrate on the more important things, like making your business work instead of dividing your time maintaining your server and working on your business.

In shared business hosting, you have your provider which takes care of the server maintenance, installation of software, and keeps your website secure by doing regular security updates, and provides you with the appropriate technical support during glitches. With a shared hosting service, you'll have more time designing the overall look of your page according to how you want it, or you could have someone do it for you.

However, sharing business web hosting could prove cumbersome if you want to control all aspects of your online business, or if your business needs software support that is not provided by the web host. Also, because you are sharing the server with other websites, the moment one of the sites in your server is knocked down, yours could be affected as well.

Choosing the best shared business web hosting company

How do you choose the best shared hosting company to help you make it big with your business? Most would think that a great shared business web hosting company is one that offers you the most of everything, from bandwidth to disk space to a good price.

Well, price has something to do with it, but the most important features of a good shared business web hosting service are that it has good customer support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and the right kind of web hosting space that you need—no more, no less.

Let's face it: small businesses are exactly what they are—small—so, you do not need all of the disk space that some web hosts promise. A typical small business can run just fine with even 50 MB of shared hosting space. A larger bandwidth may not be such a bad idea if you are expecting the number of customers to surge in a short time, so that no one gets locked out once you exceed your bandwidth limit.

Your plan should also allow you a personalized domain name, which will give your customers the impression that you are a serious business. Finally, do not forget the 24/7 customer support. If you do not want to let your customers down, a reliable customer support should also be provided by your shared business web hosting provider.


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